Spain's Traditional Festivities

Spain is a country with a rich culture and popular folklore and it celebrates many festivals throughout the year. Many of the festivals are internationally known, and they attract travelers from all parts of the world. The events are full of charm and fun. They have been held since ancient time, so they are historical as well. We are sure these events surprise you!

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(Fiesta of International Tourist Interest)

The beautiful city of Cadiz is transformed into a carnival every February. The streets are flooded with people dressed up as different characters. They sing and dance to the typical Carnival music. It is Cadiz’s biggest and most important festivity and one of the most famous ones in Spain. The city celebrates it passionately.

The Carnival of Cadiz is different from others, and is characterized by its humorous style, and its social criticism that is imbued with playful jokes. During the carnival the historic streets of Cadiz turn into makeshift stages, where the parade never stops.
No doubt it is an experience that you can not miss.

When: 4th-14th of February 2016.
Where: Cadiz, Andalusia


(Fiesta declared of International Tourist Interest)

Valencia’s “fallas” is a unique traditional festival that combines fire and art. It is one of the best-known festivities in Spain and takes place in spring.

For months “ninots” or “fallas” are build. They are beautiful and majestic sights, made of carton and loaded with social and political criticism. The “fallas” are located in the streets and admired by all Valencians and his guests till the end of the festival, where they get burned in a sublime spectacle of light, music and Fireworks known as “the cream”.

When: 15th-19th of march 2016.
Where: Valencia.


(Fiesta declared of International Tourist Interest)

It is one of the most-known festivals in Spain. It annually welcomes travelers from around the world who come to see the famous “encierros”, closures of bulls, but the San Fermin fiestas are much more than that.

The party is annually celebrated in Pamplona, in honor of the Saint San Fermín, patron of Navarre. For a week the streets of Pamplona are filled with the joy of hundreds of people dressed in white and in the famous red neckerchief. Music and fun fill every corner of the old town.

The festivity officially begins with the famous Fiesta in the Town Hall square. Each morning, before the beginning of the closure, grooms sing to San Fermin requesting his protection:”ask San Fermin, for being our patron, he’ll guide us and protect us “.

Even though bull running and fighting are the highlights of the event for many, the festival has other interesting activities as well.

The party ends at 12 o’clock of the night of July 14
each year, with everyone singing The Poor Me song. Don’t miss it!

When: from 6th till 14th of

Where: Pamplona, Navarra.


(Fiesta declared of International Tourist Interest)

Easter is the most important religious holiday in Spain. It is celebrated in almost every corner of the country, being the most well known celebration internationally the Semana Santa de Sevilla, Malaga, Granada, Salamanca, Cartagena and Palencia, all of them declared of international tourist interest. Whether you are religious or not, Easter in Spain is worth experiencing! For a week the most famous streets of the cities are traversed by “processions”, and it looks almost like a show. It is absolutely unique and matchless.

Different religious brotherhoods invade the streets with their “pasos”, (steps), a religious image, which is kept in churches during the rest of the year and is now taken out so that visitors can see and admire it. The gathering, the typical music of the promenade, the mystique of the “steps” and images, the vision of the penitents, the candles, the smell of incenses and the tearing of the “arrows” all these together will leave you thrilled and wrapped in unique sensations’.

When: from 22nd till 27th of March 2016.
Where: Outstanding for their international touristic interest in Andalusia are the Holy Easter Week of Sevilla, Granada and Malaga. In Castilla La Mancha the Holy week of Toledo. In Castilla León the Holy week of Salamanca, Zamora and Palencia. And the Holy week of Cartagena Murcia.


(Fiesta declared of International Tourist Interest)

This pilgrimage is one of the most important in Spain, and has been declared as fiesta of international tourist interest. It is the pilgrimage that is done to the sanctuary of the Virgen del Rocío, by devotion to her. In this religious festivity brotherhoods travel long roads with their carts, passing through beautiful places such as the National Park of Doñana, crossing rivers, and overcoming obstacles, until they reach the village of el Rocío.

Along the way, the pilgrims eat, dance, sing, and celebrate their devotion to the Virgin. You should not miss the arrival to the village of pilgrims, on foot or on horseback, dressed in their traditional costumes, and the colorful carriages pulled by mules or oxen, as well as the famous “jump the gate,” time in the morning, in which the pilgrims take the Virgin out of the sanctuary.

Devotion, joy, singing and dancing accompany this festival.

When: from 15th till 16th of May.
Where: Aldea de Almonte, Provincia de Huelva, Andalusia.


The Malaga feria is a popular festival of the summer in Andalusia. Held in one of the most cosmopolitan cities of Spain and in the heart of Costa del Sol.

The best attractions of Malaga and its surroundings come together for a few days at the fair, ensuring you an unforgettable experience. During this time you can enjoy many activities, the inauguration, fireworks, the procession with horses and carriages, recitals of flamenco and verdiales, the craft market

The festival takes place during the day, in the streets of the historic quarter of Malaga. There you will find music, people dancing and plenty of places to taste the famous wines and tapas of the region. During the night the fun moves to the Real of the feria, a space hosting booths and musical performances.

When: from 14th till 22nd of August.

Where: Malaga.


(In the list of Intangible Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO since 2012)

Cordoba is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, which during this the festival “Los Patios” de Cordoba turns into a spectacular exhibition of courtyards. People decreta their tradicional Andalusian houses with flowers and other surprises. Each one of the courtyards has something unique and the yarda are absolutly impressive.

During two weeks different trails are organized to visit the courtyards of private houses. The courtyards are showing the typical Cordoba houses with fountains and plants, that the residents decorate and once a year open up the doors to let visitor enjoy them and vote for the most-beautiful in the city.

If you follow the tour of any of these trails, by day or even at night, while you admire the splendor of the flower-filled patios, you can also visit the historical quarter of the city and its main districts such as La Judería, enjoy its gastronomy, and discover the beautiful places this ancient city offers. Highly recommended!

When: First half of May.
Where: Cordoba, Andalusia.


(Fiesta declared of International Tourist Interest)

The April fair is one of the emblems of the city of Seville. It is an event of great importance, world famous and it causes the whole Seville to live one week a year differently than the rest of the year.

Life during the fair revolves around the Real, the center of the fair. It is an enclosure that has booths, meeting places for families, friends and visitors, where Seville gather to share joy among dancing sevillanas, good wine and typical food.

Through the streets of the Real you will pass by beautiful carriages pulled by horses, and proud riders perfectly dressed with typical costumes. They walk in the sun and enjoy the environment. The smell of orange blossom, flamenco with its colors and its outstanding costumes. The joy that is contagious to anyone creates a unique atmosphere and make the experience unforgettable.

Share this special event with Sevillens and experience Seville, its tradition, its art and its culture.

When: from 12 till 17th of April of 2016.
Where: Seville, Andalusia.


(Fiesta declared of International Tourist Interest)

The descent of the river Sella is the celebration of the canoes, one of the most beautiful festivals of the summer in the North of Spain. During one day hundreds of canoes flow down the river Sella, from Arriondas to Ribadesella, in an event that mixes sports, party, good food and fun.

Two types of descents where organized; the international and official one, which is a test open to the participation of paddlers with racing license, and the popular one, open to all public. You can participate in the descent with all the necessary equipment (neoprene, shower, picnic etc.), or you can be a spectator and take part of the feast and enjoy the music in the streets, the good sidriña and buns; Asturian typical drink and food.

When: 8th of august 2015.
Where: Ribadesella, Asturia.

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