Are you enthusiastic about sports? Do you like having new and unforgettable experiences? Do not miss the opportunity to practice all kinds of sports as spanish language immersion. If you are planning to complete your Spanish language course and internship at the coast you can enjoy water sports in all of our destinations.

If you prefer a city that is located well inland from the coast of Spain, don’t worry, we can organize trips to the coast so you will get the opportunity to discover beautiful places at the Tropical Coast, Sun Coast, Atlantic and Brava Coast. The other way round, if you prefer a city at the coast for your internship program and want to practice sports in the mountains, we can provide that as well.

Fortunately, Spain has a greater variety of natural vegetation, rich in natural resources and parks. You will find one near your destination or we will provide you getaways to these magnificent places.


Have you ever experienced the incredible feeling of diving into the sea watching the rays of Sun through the water, noticing that your body is rocking gently, weightless, as you watch all the wonders hidden in the bottom of the sea? If you have never dived before, we suggest a you take a diving course with professionals who will teach you how to do it with all the security measures. They will provide you with the necessary material and show you how to use them; they will accompany you into the sea and will be with you at all the time to make this experience unforgettable. This activity is accessible to anyone and does not require prior physical preparation.

Diving baptisms at the sea last several hours, time enough for you to receive basic knowledge, perform exercises, take contact with the material to learn how to use them correctly and afterwards you will immerse into the sea.

Of course you can take courses of different levels and duration, through which you can obtain internationally recognized certifications. You can also do the Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water course.

Spain is a country with an extensive coastline, which is a home of beautiful places. Ask us where you can live your diving experience. Discover the seabed!


Try windsurfing if you want to know how it feels to slip over waves, driven by the wind. Navigate autonomously on a table with a sail and enjoy the sea, sun and wind in unique environments of the Atlantic or Mediterranean coast.

You can take an introductory course, if you have never tried it before or an advanced course according to your level.

Windsurfing is one of the most popular sports of sailing, as it allows navigation autonomously, conveying material and gaining access to the sea without any hassle. We have many places in Spain where you can practice windsurfing, consult us! Surfers Paradise is waiting for you!


Do you like the sea, wind, waves and the sun? Do you like different experiences and adrenaline boosts? What about jumping and flying over the waves dragged by a kite? Exciting? Discover what Kiteboarding is about, one of the most exciting and fun water sports.

The courses are taught by professionals, lasting from one to a few days and consists of theoretical training with all the necessary technical material, practical exercises and kitesurfing at the sea. You can find introductory courses if you have never practiced this sport before and training courses for those who have already experienced this fantastic and exciting sport.

There are many places where you can practice kitesurfing along the Spanish coasts. Some of these places are recognized worldwide for the practice of this type of sport, mainly because of its special natural conditions, one of those spots is Tarifa (Cadiz). People of different skill levels practice this sport in Tarifa, from international elite athletes to lovers of this sport.


Spain is not just sun and beach, is also sun and snow. Spain has fantastic ski resorts, in the North, the Center and in the South. Near any city destination you choose, you can practice winter sports.

You can do downhill, cross-country skiing, ski, carving and snowboarding. You can take an introductory or advanced course. If you already have experience you can independently practice this sport, rent the equipment at any ski-station. Enjoy the Sun and the excellent climate with a cloudless sky.

Should you choose Sierra Nevada, you can practice ski or snowboarding in the morning and go to the beach in the afternoon. All during the same day!


You will travel to a country with extraordinary natural resources! Natural parks, mountain ranges, peaks, forests, ravines, gorges, rivers, deserts… Are you going to miss them?

Hiking is a sport of great accessibility and you can practice throughout the year. You do not need a great physical condition to enjoy it, there are trails adapted for all levels, from basic to the most challenging. It is an easy way to access stunning landscapes you could not reach and appreciate otherwise.

We offer lots of different trails in different parts of Spain. You can choose from trails that last several hours, a day and up to a few days.

Take your boots and your backpack, many new adventures are waiting for you!


Imagine you are on a journey down the river, inside of it; with a wetsuit and a good pair of boots you follow the river’s course and overcome obstacles that nature has haphazardly placed there. Walk trails, jump into natural pools, jump off rocks and slide down natural slides…

This sport combines many things, mountain and water, adrenaline boosts and calmness. You can find journeys of different levels, introductory, medium and high difficulty, all guided by professionals who will accompany you, advise you during the tour, and provide you with the necessary gear.


Climbing does not only mean to conquer a mountain, it also means overcoming yourself! You rise with your own physical and mental strength rock-walls with all necessary security gear and guided by specialists.

Climb the rock that best suits your physical condition, and if you are a beginner we have tips for you. Get started in a Via Ferrata, a place specially equipped with steel-cables for individual assurance and iron-steps to get over the most complicated segments among the rocks. These will provide you security and confidence as you experience the sensations of real outdoor climbing.

If you already are experienced you can climb rock-walls of different levels according to your experience and physical preparation, always with the help of professionals and with all necessary technical equipment.


Spain is the birthplace of great riders and at the same time offers a great variety of natural vegetation and beautiful landscapes. If you are passionate about cycling and nature you should not miss this opportunity, there are trails waiting for you with dreamed descents, legendary climbs that you do not want to miss.

In case you are not fan of cycling, there are other options for you like running along beautiful landscapes. You can try some of the Spanish Greenways, Vías Verdes, that crisscross the country. The Spanish Greenways, Vías Verdes, are old train tracks reconditioned to trails for cycling, perfectly signposted, which guide you between villages.

You can also try trails guided by experts across the whole country and are available at different levels. You can choose tracks of a couple of hours, half a day, a day or several days.


In Spain people love horses. They know how to raise and take care of them. Horses from Spain and Jockeys have reached world fame.

If you like animals you can combine riding with an adventure, and try an excursion on horseback at the mountains or at the beach. Can you imagine riding along a beach at sunset or dawn? You can participate in a short trail, for little more than an hour, for several hours, a day long and even for several days! If you have never ridden a horse before, don’t worry; this won’t be an impediment to enjoy this experience.

You can also take a riding course at a riding school, taught by professionals. Ride and enjoy being with an animal that is so beautiful, noble, powerful and gentle at the same time. It will be an unforgettable experience.

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