Flamenco, which has been declared by UNESCO Cultural intangible heritage in the year 2010, is an entire culture that includes singing, music and dance. Art which has been transmitted from generation to generation and taught from parents to their children by oral transmission.

Flamenco has its roots in the Moorish, Jewish and Christian cultures of Andalusia in the 15th century and contains deep and very entrenched traditions and values and experiences an extraordinary international exposure.

People who enjoy flamenco are often attracted to its emotional intensity, passion and to the expression of innermost feelings that are evoked by flamenco. These are love, loss and the joy of living. The deep experiences of life, both joy and sadness, characterize this art form, and could be contributing to the fact that so many people enjoy it.

Today there are numerous schools that teach the different disciplines of Flamenco. The training is provided by professional artists; musicians and flamenco artists, dancers, and masters of Spanish guitar.

Whatever your are starting from scratch or are already experienced in Flamenco, there will be a course that fits your level. The different disciplines are:

  • SING

You can choose private lessons, a master class or collective courses, intensive or regular courses; during one week; a weekend or longer, and in any of our internship destinations.

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