Tapas, serrano ham, olive oil, paella, potato omelette, gazpacho, “fried fish”, white wine, red wine, Sherry, Manzanilla… all these foods and drinks awaken your culinary senses. With our culinary experiences you get the opportunity to discover and enjoy authentic Spanish cuisine.


If you like enjoying a good meal and having fun at the same time then we suggest you take a cooking class or attend a workshop. You can participate in courses of traditional Spanish cuisine and learn how to make tapas, or tasty paella. If you prefer you can also participate in creative cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine and many more.

This is an ideal opportunity for those who are studying to become professional chefs, but also for those who want to learn the basics of Spanish cuisine. We have courses that are adapted to different levels

The cooking classes and workshops usually last from 3 or 4 hours, and include tasting of the prepared dishes.

Enjoy cooking and learning new recipes to surprise your friends and family while practicing your Spanish.


The definite highlight of Spanish cuisine is the Serrano ham. It is loved not only by Spaniards, but also by visitors from all over the world. During your stay in Spain, you have the opportunity to taste this extraordinary product, learn the basics of cutting it and do a tasting.

The courses in Serrano ham cutting range from beginner’s classes to those aimed at gastronomy professionals. These courses will teach you in detail how to correctly cut Serrano ham. For professionals of the gastronomy business it is also a great opportunity for transferring the benefits of this product to their country.


Wine in Spain is much more than a beverage, it is a culture. Spain has more than one million vineyards, making it a country with the largest cultivated vineyards in the world.

There are numerous wineries, some old and filled with tradition, others modern, combining tradition with innovation.

Tasting and learning about wines is also a way of digging deeper into Spanish culture .

Livinglanguage offers you the chance to delve into the culture of wine in Spain through guided visits to wineries. These visits also expose you to the spanish language and you get to speak and interact.

You can choose ancient or modern wineries in different destinations from the North to the South. During the visit you can experience extraordinary landscapes, impressive buildings, and taste the most delicious wines. Depending on the winery you will have different options to choose from. You can try different Spanish dishes, train rides, visit a castle, a Museum, and some Roman ruins…


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