Placement of qualified students

LivingLanguage offers companies the possibility to get in contact with international candidates of different fields of study. LivingLanguage pre-selects qualified candidates according to the companies requirements. Is your company interested in implementing an international internship program? LivingLanguage arranges the complete program.

Definition of the appropriate Studentenprofiles (language skills, vocational and academic knowledge, skills, interests, availability).

  • Pre-selection of candidates.
  • Setting up of the internship agreement.
  • Assistance in receiving the necessary permits and social security of the interns.
  • Completion of third party liability and accident insurance.
  • Supervision of trainee and company in the implementation of the internship. Ensuring that all obligations and rights under the internship agreement be respected and to guarantee the satisfaction of student and company.

Why implementing a multinational internship program in my company?

From an entrepreneur’s point of view, the value of young people completing an internship is on the upswing, especially when the internship involves transnational mobility. The relationship between the trainee and the company brings benefits to both and contributes to the growth and evolution of the company.

Many companies already recognize internship programs as excellent sources of recruitment and talent detection. Companies frequently recruit students after they complete their internship in the company.

Companies can access different benefits through an internship program:

  • Important sources of up-to-date knowledge. Young interns have completed or are in a training process and can contribute specialized, updated knowledge to the organization.
  • Interns can be generators of new ideas. All new growth adds to an organization. Good ideas are not necessarily associated with experience or related to a certain position within an organization.
  • Interns contribute to a continuous improvement of the organizational structure. They have unbounded and free visions without the bias of company training. This can be of extraordinary value for a continuous improvement at companies. Their enthusiasm and motivation makes them wonder and ask the why of things are done, and sometimes this innocence invites entrepreneurs to analyze and discover different and more efficient ways to be realized.

  • They feed the know-how of the organizations. It is of great importance in work teams to integrate employees of different generations and different cultures as they provide values and different point of views.

This advantage is especially interesting in business models that work at the national level, especially in the case of tourism enterprises receiving clients from foreign markets. International trainees enable organizations to get to know first-hand specific aspects of foreign cultures. It is very useful for companies as they’ll be able to overcome intercultural clashes and adapt their products or services to the foreign customers and markets.

Internship programs offered by LivingLanguage provide international student profiles of extraordinary value for your company as they are::

  • Highly motivated. This situation gives them an extraordinary capacity to be easily incorporated into work teams and to acquire the professional and cultural values of the organization that welcomes the trainee, in such a way that their integration is carried out quickly.
  • Fluent in several languages can be a main differentiating factor with other internship programs as it provides them great versatility.
  • Cross-border mobility: Interns origin and contact with other cultures provide them with flexibility, adaptability and openness of mind.


  1. LivingLanguage consists of a experienced and versatile team with great knowledge and experience in human resources, recruitment, working in different countries and cultures in general and managing programs linked to training processes and international internships in particular.
  2. The organization is fully aligned with the most current and demanded values in terms of management of professional internships. LivingLanguage implements and applies in its procedures and working methods recent trends promoted by the European Union. Procedures focused on the assurance of high- quality- programs and to ensure a satisfactory experience not only for trainees but also and especially for the host company.
  3. Quality framework of the internship program. Our procedure and working method ensure the perfect fit of the trainee in the host organization, selecting interns on the basis of their education and experience, motivation and chosen professional field. Our team defines the program according to the students profile and the companies needs. It also conducts ongoing monitoring which ensures the optimum development of each program. LivingLanguage evaluates and accredits the trainee’s progress and the experiences developed during the program.
  4. LivingLanguage incorporates into the program all necessary measures to ensure safety and transparency during the internship and compliance with all legal requirements: days, maximum weekly practice time, minimum rest time daily and weekly, covered risks, tasks to carry out, perception of non-financial compensation, and duration of the internship period.

As well, Living Language innovates in the management of internships, integrating a complete vision of the trainees learning process and development, covering both professional and linguistic dimensions.


We pre-select qualified candidates who will meet your requirements.
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