Summer Internship


Summer internship

Are you considering an abroad experience for upcoming summer?

What do you think about spending this summer in Spain, while you obtain job – experience and improve your language skills?

Time for everything! Good plan!

Get work experience

Overcome the first hurdle of stepping into the job market with a first job experience you can demonstrate your future employers. Take this opportunity to get started in the working world.

Get in touch with companies and even if it lasts only a few months, it will help you get to know the corporate world, how it works and how it is organized. You will learn what is valued, what you are allowed to do and what you should refrain from. Confront yourself with essential aspects of professional life like goal-oriented working, business language and division of labor.

Improve your curriculum vitae and your work profile. Record in your curriculum the company where you conducted your internship as well as its duration, position and tasks.

Take advantage of having participated at an international internship program as they are highly valued and recognized for their respect to diversity and multiculturalism, which are more and more demanded in globalized work-contexts. In globalized environments employees must have the ability to understand and accept social and cultural diversity as well as efficiency in translating business processes in multicultural settings.

Possibility for future recruitments. An internship is an excellent instrument/tool for human resource recruiter. Even if it has not been your idea to stay in Spain for a longer period of time, is it very common that trainees get job offers from the companies where they completed their internship and decide to stay in Spain.

Develop professional skills

The labor market nowadays requires more than academic knowledge. Joining a high valued university is not a guarantee to get a good employment or a good job position any more. Today you must speak different languages, have experience and professional competences.

A foreign internship period is a perfect opportunity for you to develop some of the most sought-after professional competencies in the labor market such as teamwork, flexibility, creativity, be proactive, self-confidence and capability of overcoming challenges. Furthermore you will be able to develop specific technical competencies appropriate for the activities you perform.

 The certificate you will receive at the end of your internship endorses the standards you have gained during your development.

An internship period will help you get where you want to!

Some of today’s most successful people started their carrier with an internship such as

 Steven Spielberg & Oprah Winfrey.

It worked for them! And you will succeed as well!

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