Required Internship


required internship

Do you need an internship period to complete your bachelor’s or master’s degree?

How about an internship in Spain?

LivingLanguage offers you the possibility to complete your internship in a country with enormous charm, in one of the most popular destinations for students going abroad. Fulfil your academic requirements, improve your knowledge of the Spanish language, and enjoy a unique and unforgettable life-time experience. A compulsory internship can be completed in the winter and in the summer semester. To secure a placement, we encourage you to sign up about 3 months before your desired start. LivingLanguage helps you find the best matching internship placement.


  • Be enrolled in a University, college or vocational education or training centre.
  • Signing an agreement with the educational institution should be possible.
  • Prior to the internship a B1 should be your language level. This can be accomplished with an intensive language course on site or in your home-country.
  • Duration of the compulsory internship between 2 and 6 months. A longer period is also possible in special cases.



Internship in the hotel business for hotel and event management students: hotels, luxury hotels and resorts in the most important tourist sites in Spain.

  • Areas: Reception, dining-room, kitchen, management, marketing and communication.

Internship in other tourism facilities: travel agencies, conference management, event-management, tourism consulting and management companies with different tourist services (guided tours, hospitality and tourism, etc.).:

  • Areas: business management, customer service, marketing and communication.

Duration of the internship: at least 3 months.


Internship in some of the most important fashion brands in Spain.

  • Areas: Design, assembly, pattern-design.

Duration of the internship: at least 3 months.


Internship in marketing and communication for international companies or agencies.

  • Areas: Web design, content development (Spanish required level C1), socialmedia, SEO/SEM management.

Duration of the internship: at least 3 months.

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