Internship and Spanish lessons

Internship and Spanish lessons!


Your goal is to improve your Spanish language level? Then we suggest you to combine your internship with a Spanish course. Take advantage of your stay in Spain, and combine your internship with a Spanish course.

Hablas españolSpanish language course: depending on the language level, objectives and temporal frame you can choose within a wide range of courses (standard, intensive, Super-intensive, one-to-one and others). All courses are issued by oficial language schools with many years of experience.

Benefits of the combined internship-program:

Improves your language skills: You immerse into a setting, which will help you learn the Spanish language in a sensational way.

Translate all your classroom knowledge into action. Having conversations in a foreign language is a complex process, which requires attentive listening, comprehension, and response planning followed by an accurate verbalization.

Expose your brain to a continuous training, since you are required to communicate in Spanish, which will again accelerate the learning process. Experts opine that a one hour conversation is equal to approximately 5 hours classroom teaching and even 10 hours of self-training.

Apply Spanish in a lifelike sphere, the working-environment where it helps you to / with:

  • Improve your pronunciation.
  • Extend your vocabulary.
  • Structuring sentences with increasing diversity.
  • Use the language in different contexts.

Connects interactive and dynamic learning to useful activities, which helps you find sense and applicability to your learning.

Allows a clearly faster mastery of the language as it:

  • Promotes positive emotions during the learning process, like higher self-esteem and personal satisfaction.
  • Increases self-confidence using the language.
  • Builds up motivation to continuo progressing as you recognize the utility of your knowledge.

Say  when you are asked ¿HABLAS ESPAÑOL?

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