LivingLanguage Team

We are a team of young professionals of different nationalities, and we have developed our careers in Germany, Spain and the United States. We widely know the exciting world of internships through our work over the years. We have worked in the development of internship programs in different fields and with students from over the world.

We have experience in managing internships in the following areas: tourism, hospitality, renewable energy, environment, media, foreign trade, graphic design and digital marketing.

Our students come mainly from: Brazil, New Zealand, United States, Russia, Ukraine, China, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, and Sweden, among others.

Marta García del Prado Aznar

National Project Manager

Cheerful and talkative. Human resources expert, believes that the best to learn is to make it yourself. Defends the value of experimentation on the basis of knowledge.

Leonor Buehler

International Project Manager

Restless spirit and tireless traveler. She started her career in Cologne, continued in Chicago and came to Spain. Knows all secrets of digital marketing and has developed a solid experience in leadership of companies.

Fernando Gallegos

Internship Program Consultant

Passion for art and fashion, carries Spain and Chile in his heart. Active listening and advise are his great virtues. Education is the way to help others.

Ilona Schick

Internship Program Consultant

Just like a good mom she takes care about all details and with absolute attention she offers you the best advice. Personal attention is her natural strength and she always got a smile on her face :). Expert in sales and sales management.

Our mission

Our mission is to design unforgettable experiences that allow our clients to improve their Spanish language skills, while upgrading their candidate profile through a professional internship program in Spain. Our internship program specializes in offering authentic Spanish experiences..

Our vision

Our vision is to be an international benchmark in language tourism known for the design and management of high quality and innovative internship programs, that allow trainees to improve their Spanish language skills and stimulate their professional career.

Our values

Creativity: We are constantly looking for new ways to complete the language learning process and to motivate students. We are committed to a different form of learning that combines personal and professional development, complementing classroom teaching with other enriching experiences.

Customer orientation: we develop our work with total dedication, paying close attention to details to achieve the highest quality for our services.

Passion: We firmly believe in our work and the contribution we make to society through the empowerment of people.

Integrity: Honesty and professionalism are the basis of our activity and motivate us every day to offer the best possible service, with the ultimate purpose of achieving the highest possible satisfaction among our customers, partners, and ourselves.

5 Reasons why with LivingLanguage

  1. Because the best way to improve the command of a language is practicing it while you enjoy and have fun. We support a learning process through activities that require a continuos use of the language.
  2. Because we believe the best way to improve language skills is through immersion, that complements the theoretical training received in classrooms.
  3. Because we believe that traveling enriches above all open-mind-thinking and makes us grow as people.
  1. Because we know that companies and organizations require professionals with abroad pre-professional experience and internships through us enable developing important job skills with increasing value.
  2. And because Spain is a wonderful country and we want that you to get to know its charm..

We want you to enjoy learning Spanish. Take action, come and vive el Español!



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