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Destinations for your Internship

LivingLanguage offers different destinations in Spain where, besides your internship program, you can participate in a wide variety of attractive Spanish Experiences, activities such as culture, cuisine and sports.

GRANADA, favorite European city of Erasmus students.

Granada is one of the most attractive cities in Spain, known for its culture and perfect geographical location, close to the beach and the high mountains. Both beach and mountains are attainable in less than an hour.

Granada has been influenced by very different civilizations, which gave the city the Alhambra, a beautiful, world-famous monument, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and neighborhoods like Albaicín and Sacromonte.

In Granada, you can enjoy a lot of cultural activities, the Tropical Coast with beautiful beaches, the southernmost ski resort in Europe, and the high mountain in Sierra Nevada National Park. Additionally, Granada is famous for its “tapas”, which are free with your consumption of drinks in most bars and restaurants.

A lot of young people live in the city and study at the university, making Granada very cheerful and lively.

Destino Granada

MÁLAGA,the city everyone falls in love with

Malaga is capital of the Sun Coast and a center of tourism. It is the fifth biggest city in Spain by population and has a lovely climate with an endless spring. Malaga combines tradition and modernity.

The painter Picasso was born in Malaga and in his honor Malaga offers the Picasso Museum as well as another important museum, the Thyssen-Bornemisza. In addition, Malaga is a city with a very important culinary offer, shopping area and leisure.

The lovely beaches and the well known “pescaíto frito” (grilled fish) make it easy to fall in love with the city.

Destino Malaga

SEVILLA, model of Andalusian culture

Sevilla is the capital of Andalusia, located near the river Guadalquivir. Sevilla is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and also as a cultural center. Sevilla is a very ancient city and is very attractive to visitors, because of his monuments, festivities, traditions, cuisine and people.

Visiting Sevilla provides a great opportunity to get to know one of the most important models of Andalusian culture.

Destino Sevilla

CÓRDOBA, the millenarien city

Cordoba is the third largest Andalusian city with the most extended historic centre in Europe and is listed in the World Heritage List by UNESCO. The origin of Cordoba dates from prehistoric settlements; romas, jewish and muslim lived in the city.

In Cordoba you can enjoy the river Guadalquivir and traditional Andalusian cuisine with two special ingredients; olive oil and wine. In addition, you can enjoy typical traditional festivities, full of vivid colors and joy. The city itself is a collection of monuments and the Mosque is the most important one.

Destino Cordoba

MADRID, the city that never sleeps.

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is located at the center of the country and presents modernity and tradition at the same time. Along with Barcelona, Madrid is the most important urban city in Spain and has a business district “par excellence”.

Madrid offers an extensive and attractive cultural program. Famous musical, theatre and opera performances as well as other
types of events that enliven Madrid’s city life, full of entertainment, fun and amusement => the city that never sleeps.

Destino Madrid

BARCELONA, a cosmopolitan city.

Barcelona is the most cosmopolitan city in Spain. It is by the Mediterranean Sea and located in the northeast of the country.
Barcelona seems to be a place where everything is possible. Its multicultural lifestyle, innovation, climate, haute cuisine and beaches make everyone who fall in love with it.

Destino Barcelona

VALENCIA, sun, beaches, good food and fun.

World-famous for its Fallas, a festival declared of International Interest, Valencia is a Mediterranean city, with a mild climate during the whole year. Valencia has beautiful beaches, like Las Arenas or La Malvarrosa, where you can find numerous terraces by the sea and enjoy a tasty “paella” or their famous and delicious cocktail “Agua de Valencia”, made with fresh fruits and sparkling wine.

Valencia means sun, beaches, good food and a lot of fun!

Destino Valencia

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